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The Lottery Horse


The Lottery Horse - (Old Sam x Old Matilda)

Foaled: N/A
Height: 14hh

Tobiano.nT. Sabino1.nn. Red Factor.EE. Agouti.aa.

Sold! The Lottery Horse, really needs no introduction. He is viewed by many, as the finest the breed has ever seen. He stands about 14 hands tall. Michael Vine has said many times, that Lottery’s sire was a horse known in England, as Sam. His dam a mare known as Matilda. Sam was supposed to have been a son of Eddie Alcocks’ Old Black Horse, son of The Coal Horse. Matilda has been also described, as Joe Wiltshire’s Red and White Mare.

The moment you see him, you know this stallion is special. He IS what the breed is all about. He is sire to dozens of the best gypsy horses ever to walk the planet. His name says it all, and this horse has had this name for years, bestowed upon him by the Gypsy breeders in England themselves. They called him “The Lottery Horse”, because having foals from him, is like winning the lottery, every season!

He is the sire of greats like “Nobby”, his spitting image, and dozens of the top sellers at gypsy fairs overseas. A good blue and white filly from the Lottery is still making rounds at gypsy fairs overseas with her current price in excess of £20,000 pounds (double that in dollars) when last I heard. Many of the top and high sellers at the fairs over the past 7-8 years overseas have been Lottery-bred foals.

The Lottery Horse, is famous for putting his “stamp” on his foals, consistently producing what the gypsy breeders want!


Westmoreland Farm’s Black Jack
Westmoreland Farm’s Lottery Man
Westmoreland Farm’s Quality Street
Westmoreland Farm’s Roulette
Westmoreland Farm’s Winning Ticket
Westmoreland Farm’s Winning Hand
Westmoreland Farm’s Copper Coin
Westmoreland Farm’s Magical
Westmoreland Farm’s Bobby Sox
Westmoreland Farm’s Daisy
Westmoreland Farm’s Golden Girl
Westmoreland Farm’s Carnival
Westmoreland Farm’s Bobby’s Girl


The Lottery Horse Old Sam The Old Black Horse
The Coal Horse
Foundation N/A
Old Matilda The Old Paddy Horse N/A
Foundation N/A




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