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altSince 2003 Westmoreland Farm’s breeding program is dedicated to breeding the finest quality gypsy horses in the world. Our program is based on pairing the highest quality mare with the stallion that will produce the best foal.

We traveled to England and visited some of the finest gypsy farms to hand select our mares from the best and oldest bloodlines to start our breeding program.

After extensive research and good fortune we were able to purchase The Lottery Stallion one of the most famous and sought after stallions in England. We now have added many of his offspring to our breeding program. Our long term breeding goals combined with diligent genetic research has generously rewarded us in the show ring. We are proud to be one of the foundation breeders in the United States.

We breed foremost for conformation, movement and soundness.   We raise horses with pretty heads that are short coupled with a good flat hip and heavy boned. All around versatility, abundant feather, mane and tail as well as a gentle and affectionate temperament are the attributes we strive for.   We believe that all these qualities combined are what make the Gypsy such a unique and wonderful horse.

Westmoreland Farm’s goal is produce 10 to 15 of the best foals possible each year. We have several outstanding stallions that we use in our breeding program including Westmoreland Lucky who has won numerous Grand and Supreme Grand Champion ribbons and Westmoreland Tristan who won National Grand Champion Stallion in 2008. Our trainer, Bobby Wagner has developed a conditioning and training program that is individualized for each horse based on his requirements. All our horses are DNA tested and registered.

Each spring we choose a few new foals to train and show at various Gypsy shows. Each year we attend different shows in different parts of the country in order to meet other Gypsy Horse owners and breeders. We have horses for sale at all levels – foals, yearlings, show horses, breeding mares and horses trained to ride and drive. We offer clients who are new to horses our help and expertise. We encourage and hope to have an on-going relationship with everyone who buys a horse from us. Please contact us to arrange a visit to Westmoreland Farm in Bedford Corners, New York or our show and training center in Shade, Ohio.



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    We believe in breeding the best to the best. Our superb stallions are bred only to our personal mares to produce superior Gypsy Horses.
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